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Something Strange Happened

Rarely do crazy things happen to me. I actively crave stability and consistency. You know, hence choosing one of the more volatile professions and lifestyles out there.

Due to having a variety of domains as well as being a somewhat early adopter to Gmail, I often get emails that are not intended for me. For example, I have been receiving an Indian companies phone bill for months (they don’t respond), I received some sensitive documents about an engineering company, I received someone’s password for an online travel portal, among a variety of other things. Here is a typical one:


Dont mean to get on your back again but with the testing is the any chance you can do it by thursday afternoon just then I can run the copy over on thursday night so that on friday if it has run ok I can crack on with making the currnet redn05 my backup server. We are swapping the disks on the server so you can keep the current ones as a backup for a week or 2 incase any thing f’s up.

Cheers mate

A couple of weeks ago I received an inadvertent email meant for another Rupert who obviously has a similar email address to me. It was an invitation to a 31st birthday party in London, right near where I used to live. I politely pointed out the error, we had some mild back and forth, and presumably my self-deprecating humour and stunning charm got me an actual invitation which I curiously accepted.

I did some mild Facebook vetting to make sure I wasn’t going to die and headed down with a friend last Saturday.

The party was decent albeit certainly at London prices. There were amazing cupcakes on offer from Hummingbird Bakery. The host and all the guests were extremely welcoming and very nice to us and it ended up being a really fun night. I don’t know why this surprises me, because I sort of presumed something crazy would happen where I’d end up in a ditch, but it was just a relatively normal 31st birthday party with a cool bunch of people. The host was extremely nice to us and even cooked brunch for us and a few of her other travelling friends the next day.

So there you go: an honest error and some out of the ordinary spontaneity resulted in making some new friends and having some mildly interesting content for this blog.
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