Hi, I'm Rupert.

I blog occasionally and play poker frequently. I enjoy going on excursions to various parts of the world. I also love listening to music and watching TV as well as playing the occasional video game. Healthy lifestyle indeed.

The highlight of my relatively dull life was winning EPT San Remo in 2011 for €930,000. The trophy glimmers nicely, the certificate declaring the classification of my bachelors degree not so much. I have had varying degrees of success at online poker but there is no glamour in that so I shan’t brag about that.

New places interest me. I pretend to enjoy photography but it’s more of a throw many darts and hope one hits the bullseye situation. I support Arsenal and have a season ticket. I like the idea of reading and as such own a lot of unread books (eBooks too). I enjoy driving a lot but no longer own a car. I’m saving up for an Aston Martin, maybe one day. I used to think expensive things were really cool and balla but I grew out of that and am pretty stingy now. But one thing I shall always love is food, money no object.





New York